A new meeting, a new season starting

When GalileoMobile was born, four years ago, most of the team members were located in Munich, and all of them, but me, were living in Germany. It was someway easy to be in touch in real life. Well, not for me, because I had to travel to Germany from Italy or Sweden to see the others.

Located in several different parts of the globe, nowadays Galileras and Galileros mainly communicate between them via emails and video-calls on the Internet. But of course this is sometimes, actually very often, really not enough, and we need to see each other in real life.

And so it was time, this year, to have a meeting. The Meeting is taking place today, while I am writing, in Munich, in the IMPRS room, the same that has hosted the very first meeting. Unfortunately not everybody could join today’s meeting: the “Portuguese gang”, Nuno, Pedro and Lina attended on-line via Evo from Portugal, as well as Pati, who did wake up very early in the Brazilian morning to attend the meeting, and Megha and Jayant from Göttingen.

It was the first time I have met Mayte, Sandra, Eduardo, David, and, yet another time, again, I have shared my time with the enthusiasm of Phil, Maria, Jorge. Some of us, like Chucho, decided to take a break from their participation to the project, for lack of time and energy. It is sad, but someway unavoidable, being this project sometimes energy consuming for who are participating in it. Yes, in some circumstances a lot of energies are required to carry on, but the reward has always been great for all of us. I want to say “thanks” to all of you, guys, who decided to leave the project but shared great time within the GalileoMobile.

A new season is about to begin and a new phase of the project is starting, with new expeditions, projects, on which we have started working to transform them from ideas, dreams, to reality, and, in future, good memories in many people’s lives.


08 September 2012, Munich, Germany

Brazil and Portugal by skype

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