Khagol Rath in the Indian local news

GalileoMobile was cited in some local news during the expedition to India! In the text below, you can discover a bit more about this successful journey!

“After the first article came out in India, we invited the journalist of this article so that he could obtain a better vision of each of our roles in the schools. This journalist did not only joined us to experience our program for one day but also interviewed each one of us. By doing this, he found out about our main interests, why we like Astronomy and travel to share this one. I think it was really useful to have him coming personally to one of the schools because for the second article he prepared about the expedition, he was able to give more specific information.
Some of the articles contained the schedule of the expedition in detail and this was very positive for us because through this, some school teachers and university professors were able to join us on a particular day.
In some of the pictures found in the articles, you can see some of the team members instructing the activities. We were sharing these activities first with the teachers and then, we were sharing them all together with the students. This was very important because the teachers were getting motivated to continue to teach science in a more interactive way and using very simple materials. The pictures appearing in the articles are shown indoors because the activities were first organized with the teachers but most on them required the students to go outdoors.”


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