I have spent most of my life between Santo Domingo (Dom. Rep.) and New England (U.S.). As a child, I started collecting figurines from cartoons, comics, etc., from everywhere I was going. It was kind of a way to keep something with me from the places I was visiting and up to date, I still keep collecting them.

My mother was a very frequent traveler, so I got to travel with her to some places and as a result, I developed a passion for traveling and airplanes. I will always reject not moving in with her to Jamaica and East Timor, since I know that I really missed of a lot.

At the age of 18, I went for my private pilot license while I was also starting the introductory courses to Astronomy.  The first real experience in Astronomy came from a summer internship I made at a planetarium located in Worcester (MA), where I had to give oral presentations and night sky shows on a daily basis.

After some years, I took the decision to move closer to Cape Canaveral in Florida. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, since I got the chance to do an internship at NASA with the astronaut Dr. Samuel Durrance. This experience completely got me closer to do research in Astrophysics.

I currently hold a Ph.D. position at the German Space Center and I’m a member of the GalileoMobile team. I participated in the Khagol Rath expedition that took place in India, and I can really tell that this experience have had a great impact on me. GalileoMobile has given me the chance to bring Astronomy to the new generations, something that I always wanted to do. I’m really looking forward to continue contributing to this amazing project!

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