Letter to Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School Students

Dear Nabisunsa students,

on 27 September 2013 we visited for one day the Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School. Although Nabisunsa is a Muslim school, it is open as well to Christians and both religions seem to be there in perfect harmony.

Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School

Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School

When we arrived, 46 girl students were awaiting GalileoMobile in a large classroom. I took them in an interactive journey through the Universe (our opening talk). Pati and I followed by showing them how to use the telescope and project the Sun’s image onto a screen; we were amazed by how fast they were able to do it. Fabio then introduced them to Stellarium, which they loved so much that they didn’t want to stop experimenting with it, zooming into planets and traveling in time. Finally, in the afternoon, we performed two activities from the GalileoMobile’s handbook of activities: mounting a paper equatorial Sundial and an inquiry experiment to find out how the Sun rotates (using printouts of satellite images of the Sun).

Students finding out how the Sun rotates

Students finding out how the Sun rotates

I was particularly touched by a group of girls who genuinely want to carry on GalileoMobile in Uganda. What can you dream better than a team of young passionate people, who feel responsible enough to keep on sharing the Galileomobile spirit across their country? Isn’t that a wonderful proof that our spirit of discovery and exchange under the same sky has reached the depth of their hearts? I can only repeat what one of them told us because I felt the same: “I wish every day could be like this one…”

Building a Sundial activity

Building a Sundial activity

Nabisunsa students, you have been so exceptional in your welcoming, openness and curiosity, that I want to thank you with the following lines, on behalf of GalileoMobile.

Nabisunsa Girls,
You have embraced us
With open eyes and open minds,
We have become cosmic friends.

Nabisunsa Friends,
We will remember you always.
Looking up,
We shall stay connected through the stars.

Nabisunsa stars,
May your light shine very far,
To spread twinckles of hope
Throughout the Land of Beauty.

Viviane, Rahma, Jocelyn, Ruth, Sarah, Gessi, Barbara, Ghazzi…

Group picture at the end of the day

Group picture at the end of the day



15 thoughts on “Letter to Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School Students

  1. kituyibettyk6

    Hi Phil, this is such a passionate correspondence, I am sure the girls will be charmed to read this! I will print it out and read it to the Cafe Sci group in our end of term Cafe!


    hey der dis z a Nabisunsa old girl n am so proud 2 see d xul shining long live d headmistress long live the xul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maya

    I was one of the students that day.Brings me joy remembering that day.I’ve still got one of those cards showing the stars,galaxy milky way that was given to us. I also remember the telescope you gifted the school and the event you told us to look out for that was scheduled to happen only in Uganda that year(It was a unique positioning of the sun/planet i think and had the best view in place called Packwach in Northern Uganda). I hope you guys are still the fun Galileo team.


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