Thank you Uganda!

The Uganda 2013 expedition, (Sharing Astronomy) In the Land of Beauty, came to an end. We are all back to our countries, safe and sound. However, we have the feeling our minds are still there.

Those three weeks spent in Kampala, Jinja and Mbale were splendid! The main goals of the project were achieved, namely our participation in the “Engaging Young People in Science and Technology” conference, the visits to five schools, the workshops with the teachers, the activities with the students, and the shootings for the documentary.

Group picture

GalileoMobile team and Saint Kizito Senior Secondary School students.

We owe a huge thanks to all people who supported us and have worked to make this dream come true: from GalileoMobile team members, to our worldwide net of sponsors, to local collaborators, teachers and students.

We have been receiving very encouraging comments from our local collaborators, the teachers and also the students. Many people have already expressed the desire to make part of GalileoMobile and/or to create a collaboration group in their school/towns. We have been supporting them to join forces and implement this idea. Many others keep wishing that we return to Uganda for another expedition.


Phil following the GalileoMobile opening talk together with the Ndejje
Senior Secondary School students

Our typical day at schools consisted in two sessions during the mornings to work with teachers, and two sessions during the afternoons to work with students. A few times we had the collaboration of teachers who participated in the workshops in the morning, but most of the time, GalileoMobile team members carried out the activities with the students in the afternoon. After our arrival at schools, we started with the opening talk and ended with the Café-sci session about one chosen topic on astronomy or with a good-bye ceremony. Worth noting is the number of students at the schools we visited: always more than a thousand! We did not know about this prior to the expedition. The school visits are detailed  in our previous blog posts about Uganda. For more details click here.


Fabio (colorful pants), Nuno and Phil and Mbale Senior Secondary
School students

There was also a report from the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), the national TV channel, which we will make available soon to everybody on our Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Important people names in this project are: Betty Kituyi and her family, who helped us a lot with the logistics of the expedition, Duncan Dallas (Café Scientifique), who financially supported this project, Solomon King from Fundi Bots and Ghazali Mohamed, an amateur astronomer, originally supposed to travel with GalileoMobile and that quickly connected himself with the team. Their support have been a key point in the expedition.

Nuno, Betty and Philippe

Telescope donation to Betty Kituyi, the Uganda Café-Sci coordinator

Domenico and Maria Serena, the “lovely couple” and our film-makers are already working on the documentary and we expect a first draft soon.


Maria Serena (film-maker), Bety Kituyi (Café-Sci), Pati (GalileoMobile)

Most of all, we feel that we reinforced the connections between us, and we made new friends. Our idea of “Unity Under the Same Sky” has been loved by all the students and people we have met during the expedition: it is a strong and beautiful vision of the world that we will keep spreading throughout our initiative.


Nuno at the source of the Nile being offered a sugar cane by a local
student while being taught about local astronomy traditions


Phil and Mbale Senior Secondary School students


Nabisunsa Girls and Pati at the Engaging Young People in Science and
Technology workshop

Fabio with students

Fabio and Saint Kizito Senior Secondary School students

And now, after going back to our lives, we keep working on GalileoMobile, moving towards new ideas, expeditions, activities:

All under the same sky!

Nuno, Fabio, Pati and Phil

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