Getting ready for 2014!

By María Dasí Espuig

Last year was special for GalileoMobile. Not only was it our five year anniversary, saw the release of our documentary Under the Same Sky, and featured our incredible expedition to Uganda, but was also filled with activities from our collaborators and team members. For the first time our collaborators in India formed a team to pursue follow-up activities in schools around Bangalore after our visit (check out their facebook page). On top of that, it was the first year our team members performed GalileoMobile activities on their own: Lina in Portugal, Silvia in the US, Fabio in Nepal, Mayte in the Dominican Republic, and Linda in Guatemala. Their personal initiatives have kept GalileoMobile alive and motivated its members to move forward. They also provided unique stories that we just can’t wait to share with you! You’ll soon hear all about the children in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala from Mayte and Linda.

But for now, we want to start off this year with a teaser — well, five:

1. Right now, Fabio is in Haiti sharing Astronomy with children and teachers from Port-au-Prince in collaboration with Move Forward Haiti!!

2. A photo-book depicting the Khagol Rath expedition to India is coming out soon. Inside you will find tons of photos, stories and anecdotes from our colleagues who travelled, and many more details about our activities!

3. A documentary about the expedition In the Land of Beauty to Uganda is in its final stages of production. Are you excited to learn about the Café Scientifique sessions, the teacher workshops, the activities with the students? Are you interested in how the sky looks from the Land of Beauty?

4. A new version of the GalileoMobile Handbook of Activities is underway! With new activities and guidelines of learning goals that will make the learning more efficient. Soon we will also have a version in Portuguese, adding a fourth language to our GalileoMobile Handbook of Activities.

5. Of course, we saved the best one for the last. We fixed the destination of our next expedition – and the team is already thinking big! Can you guess?

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