Welcome Khagol Rath (Astro Chariot)!

It has been about two weeks that GalileoMobile was touring in India! Guided by our local collaborators, we reached out to twelve rural schools in the state of Karnataka (South India) to share our passion about the stars, organize practical hands-on activities and give workshop sessions for the teachers. This trip just reached its end, and all of us who travelled have their hearts full of stars, genuine smiles and faces of all the teachers and kids we met…In the coming series of posts, we will share our post-trip impressions about this wonderful human and scientific journey. The first thing that struck us is the amazing art of hospitality with which we were received. At each school, our arrival was welcomed by an unbelievable ceremony: songs about astronomy specially written for us, colourful ornemental flower necklaces (Hoovina Haara, in Kannada, the local language) and the symbolic gesture of lighting the sacred candle (Deepa). Needless to say, the goodbyes were full of emotions as well. All the students were singing traditional songs in choir (with beautiful voices as singing is very popular here), and we were often gifted roses and lemon fruits, a symbolic gesture of giving good energies for the future of the journey…and we truly hope, for many more GalileoMobile expeditions!

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