Teachers take the lead!

One of the novelty of the Khagol Rath expedition was our choice to give a special attention to teachers, in collaboration with the GalileoTeacher Training Programme. After starting the school visits with our opening talk for all the school kids, we were spending the rest of the morning with the teachers, explaining them our activities and the use of the telescope we were donating to the school (a kind donation of the You Are Galileo project).

The afternoon was then dedicated to put in practice these hands-on activities with both the students and the teachers. The students were divided into different groups for each activity in order to perform them in parallel, each activity group accompanied by one or two teachers. Usually, we would start first to do the activity with the kids, and in a second step the teachers would take over. We were often marvelled how the teachers had assimilated the material in their own teaching way, adding their own knowledge and flavour to make these activities unique.

The general enthusiasm of the teachers, their humility, their gratefulness, really impressed us…we learned so much from them!

Definitely, we strongly trust that this approach will give multiplicative results, as the teachers present to the sessions will follow-up with such activities and show them to their peers, spreading the stars of curiosity in an expanding Universe!

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2 thoughts on “Teachers take the lead!

  1. Pati (GalileoMobile)

    Hi Chuck!

    Thank you very much. We are owe you a huge thanks for your advices!
    We keep in touch. đŸ™‚


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