Under the Same Eclipse: the cutest Thank You letters from the students

By Marja Seidel

Only a bit more than a week after the eclipse, we received some of the most adorable “Thank You letters”. Some of the students that participated in our preparatory activities had sent them with the help of their wonderful teachers. And they even illustrated them with their own drawings!

So: Thank YOU all for being such a wonderful group!

If you, dear blog reader, would like to smile with us, you can look at some of the letters in the pictures and read the nice quotes.


“I learned that the M-star is the smallest star”  (come on, so smart!)


“Sincerely, xxxx – the Sun holder” (we did activities with them where they could hold a giant inflatable Sun)


“I learned that the earth is really small, like a pearl.” (we illustrated sizes of the Sun and the Earth in comparison and used a little pearl for the Earth…)


“It looked like the moon was taking over the Sun.”


“Last, I learned that the Sun has spots called sunspots.”

“ I learned that one million earths (or more) can fit into the Sun.”

“Thank you for this lesson and I hope you come again soon.”

“Thank you for the amazing telescope and the best solar eclipse glasses.”  (Well, thank you Meade Instruments!!)

“Can you come back?”

We hope so!! Until then, keep learning and be curious!



Facebook post:


Under the Same Eclipse: THANK YOU to all of these wonderful students who participated in our activities – you were all fantastic.

And THANK YOU for these adorable letters. We are so happy that you learned so much and we encourage you to follow your curiosity.


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