Constellation Follow Up Activities In The Amazon!


We have made it!

Thanks to the backers that supported our project via, we are now 108% funded and immensely grateful!!

We are truly happy that GalileoMobile will be able to return to Rondônia and continue our efforts in a region with such little access to outreach programs, bringing material and educational resources to several schools. And of course, sharing the wonders of the Universe with students and teachers there!

We cannot imagine the joy of the communities when they learn that thank you to 33 wonderful people from all around the world, GalileoMobile is coming back to give sustainability to the project. This wouldn’t be possible without your invaluable contribution!

We hope to make you feel as involved in the project as possible. Therefore we will share with you updates about the arrangements, development and achievements during the whole process!! Prepare to be part of an amazing adventure!!

Love and hugs from GalileoMobile

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