Galileonauts on the road again!

In this very days many Galileonauts are building what will soon become unerasable memories, both for the Galileonauts and all the students and people they will meet on their paths.

Moments handcrafted with love, passion and dedication and many hours of hard work.

GalileoMobile Constellation project enters its second phase in November: we are already visiting some of our network’s schools, nodes of an invisible net we have so far only imagined and that now begins to shine.

In Colombia many Galileonauts have already started activities in schools since Monday November 2nd, sharing stars with students of 7 schools in Bogota, Medellín, Antioquía and Pereira until November 14th.

Yesterday November 9th, two more parts of our Constellation have lit up . Two Galileonauts are in Cusco, Peru, with loads of enthusiasm to be shared in three schools of Cusco and the Valle Sagrado. Our Brazilian task force is in Lumiar, Brazil, with its passion and energy: two schools are ready to share their vision of the sky and discuss with us on the behavior of celestial bodies.

For the first time GalileoMobile is visiting many schools, and many countries, at the same time!

Of course, there is more to come: from the 23rd of November to the 14th of December we will be visiting schools in Chile and Argentina, from Chile Chico and Cariquíma to Cordoba, Mendoza and Salta. We couldn’t be more excited!

Each of these travels is full of stories, anecdotes, learnings, visions, rich of experience much more than we can write and explain, beyond imagination.
That’s why we keep doing it, because each ride is an unexpected moment of joy, unity, discovery.

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