Let Constellation begin!

by Fabio

“¡Hola! ¿Que tal? ¡Mucho gusto hablar con ustedes!” These words opened a video conference between two italian cities and two chilean ones, in mid April.

Mauricio, a school teacher at Cariquima in northern Chile, introduced his students to us. It was a fantastic moment, a new beginning for an idea on which GalileoMobile has been working on for many months: Constellation. The students were very excited to speak about their school and themselves with people living on the other side of the planet.

Many similar conversations, connecting Paris with Bogotá, London with AltoBioBio, Marseille with Cusco, Berlin with Los Antiguos, New Haven with Quito, and Munich with Medellin are now taking place. Contact has been made and we are ready to begin this adventure.

This month Constellation enters one of its main stages: GalileoMobile will start working with teachers and students in the 21 schools making up our network in South America. We have prepared a book of activities that we hope will prove useful in approaching important topics in astronomy. We are eager to discuss them in detail over many video conferences with the schools over the next few months.

We are sure that the students will have as many ideas and questions as there are stars in the sky. And when we have answered all of those, there will always be a new one waiting to be taken care of.

Let GalileoMobile Constellation begin!

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