A constellation heading your way

by David

GalileoMobile has big plans for 2015. A whole new science outreach expedition in South America. Once again we plan to work with teachers, local scientists and educators and, of course, children to spread the marvellous insights and discoveries of modern astronomy. On top of our usual school visits and astronomy activities, we aim to create a whole outreach network of ordinary schools forming a constellation across South America. But why create a network?


In our previous expeditions we were only able to spend up to two days in a school, perform a few activities, and work for only a brief period with the teachers. A  good start to inspire and stimulate young minds, but perhaps far too little, you might say, to achieve a lasting impact. We plan to address this issue by creating an online platform through which GalileoMobile can interact with teachers and students all year long. Through this platform we will be able to plan and organise astronomy outreach activities throughout the year and enable each participating school to share their experiences and results with each other. Of course, GalileoMobile wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t visit the schools in person and the constellation project will make no exception.

Sounds ambitious? Then, stay tuned for more updates or head over to the constellation website for more information.

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