There is a scorpion following us! (English version)

ScorpioConstellation. Credits: David Malin

Scorpio Constellation. Credits: David Malin

by Eduardo Penteado

It was almost dark when we left for the activities of skywatching in the second Suruí village. It was a refreshing night of clear skies, perfect for this activity. We knew that people from the nearby village were waiting for us. Pati, Jorge, Nuno and I climbed in the back of the Inaraí’s truck, along with Taila, her brother Nam, and Sullivan, three amazing teenagers Suruí. The trip lasted about half an hour. The back of the truck was full. Our arms and legs were shuffled in search for more space, which was also shared with two more telescopes.

The truck followed by a no pavemented road, the Amazon rainforest, with all its beauty and exuberance, hugged us all the way. It was possible to observe many birds along the way, but not on the trees, because of darkness, but rather on the road, illuminated by the car’s light. It was a beautiful landscape: looking forward, we could see the narrow road almost being swallowed by the threes, and looking back, total darkness. We noticed something very interesting when we looked up. The treetops almost closed our vision from the sky. But still, one could see all a huge scorpion following us. We were followed by it during all the time, regardless of the direction we take. We pointed our flashlights everywhere. We heard the curious stories told by the indigenous adolescents. Anxiously, we waited for our arrival in the village. No matter what we did, that scorpion was still there, motionless, as if looking at us and watching us intently.

We arrived in the neighboring village and safely performed activities of skywatching. After the activity, once again we climbed into the back of the truck to go back to the first village where we were staying. And, again, with no discretion, there was the scorpion following us. The fantastic stories told by the indigenous teenagers continued on the way back, everyone cheering. Again our arms and legs were fighting for a place. We were all tired, but feeling that the mission was accomplished. It was an intensive day of activities, but performed with joy and participation. But that scorpion was still there, in the sky, shining in such a beautiful way that seemed to mesmerize us. It was the Scorpius constellation. Beautiful, glowing with strength and showing all the exuberance that heaven can provide.

There was a scorpion following us. But that scorpion does not bring any danger.
I wish I could see this scorpion following me everywhere I go.

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