Towards the countryside of Acre (English version)

by Eduardo Penteado

Our time in Rio Branco had finished. We spent a lot of very nice moments in the Acre’s Capital, but it was necessary to move on. Our journey would take us to the heart of amazon, and the first locality to visit was Sena Madureira.

Moving from Rio Branco to Sena Madureira - Credits: Mayte Vasquez /GalileoMobile

Moving from Rio Branco to Sena Madureira – Credits: Mayte Vasquez /GalileoMobile

It was already warm in the morning, around 6 am, when we started to pack our luggage. There were so many baggages that made us wonder if everything would fit inside the van that would lead us to Sena Madureira. The accommodation in Rio Branco was quite busy with our bags spread around the living room and we all running from side to side solving the latest details before facing the road. I remember the face of curiosity of Mr. Francisco observing us preparing everything to depart. The van arrived and immediately we started load it. Fortunately we managed to put all our luggage, and still left some space for us, even! So we said goodbye to Mr. Francisco and Rio Branco.

Sena, as it is called by its inhabitants, is a small city located further north of the state, almost on the border with the neighbouring state Amazonas. Just after our arrive in town, we visited the installations of the IF-AC, where our collaborators undertake teaching activities. After a quick visit, we went to the place where we settle. The lodge belongs to the church. It is a big wooded area with large rooms filled with bunk beds and mattresses. The intense heat was soften by the shadows of the trees. The lodge was located at the street where there is the unique light traffic of the city, which has become our reference point, besides, of course, the beautiful church.

The day had begun agitated. We use to go early in the morning to the local fair to have breakfast, where fruits and juices, besides several varieties of tapioca were easily found, making our day very happy. Once we even bought an entire watermelon for the team. Of course, we had to carry it with us because we could not finish it completely in only one morning!

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We worked with high school students of from many shools. The activities, which took place at Escola Estadual de Ensino Médio Dom Julio Matiolli, were intense. The auditorium was always filled with students and teachers, where lectures and various activities were performed. They were all very interested in the activities, which made us very happy. We talked about galaxies, planets, stars, comets, telescopes! On the last day we held an activity outdoors, when we tried to simulate the movements of a spiral galaxy. We from the GalileoMobile and the students formed the arms of the galaxy, while the galactic center, part of the galaxy that keeps all the structure united, was composed by teachers. I don’t know if the final result was somehow similar to a real galaxy, but it was fun, ah, it was. At the end of the activity, many photos and laughter between all made ​​the moment even more joyful. We have the feeling that we managed to use astronomy to inspire and be inspired.

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The activities in Sena were a success. However, one more time, it was necessary to continue the journey, and the road was waiting for us.

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