by Mayte Vasquez

During a teacher workshop we prepared in SEDUCA for all the schools in Cobija, we also had the chance to interact with the students from AstroPando. While I was conducting the “Earth as a Peppercorn” activity, I noticed a very young student was always giving answers to all the questions I was raising. Even the documentary filmmakers realized there was something very special about this student. After we were done with all the activities, we proceeded to interview him. He’s name was Leonardo and he was only seven years old. He became very interested in astronomy through a book in the subject that his father bought him. Leonardo joined AstroPando after a school teacher told his father about it due to the many questions in astronomy he was doing during class.

We also learned that Leonardo has his own star laserpointer and telescope. The great support he has received from his father reminded me in some way to that of my mother’s when I decided to become an astronomer. Out of all the things he would like to find out about the universe, he’s still looking to understand the Big Bang theory. Leonardo is not able to find any books that explain the theory in a solid way and he’s not able to imagine what happened at the beginning of the universe. I have never met such a special kid in my life. The amazing relationship with his father, who was also around during the interview, also gave a very unique touch to the time I spent with them and to the memories from this expedition.



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