When you wake up feeling old

by Jorge Rivero González

When you wake up feeling old“, a song by Wilco, one of my favourite bands, sounds in my head every morning when I open my eyes. Early in the morning, the gravity seems to pull harder and Neil Armstrong’s step feels tiny compared to the big step from my bed to the floor. From my bed, the distance to the bathroom looks like the whole Universe.

“This is by far the most tiring expedition of GalileoMobile”, Philippe, who has participated in all of them, told me the other day. “Or maybe we are just getting older”. Well, I guess both.

Activities with children early in the morning, one hour for having lunch, then rushing to the school again to get everything ready for the afternoon session with teachers. The night falls and so begin our star-parties that last for a couple of hours. We grab some dinner and then we come back to our lodging or to our next stop where we prepare the activities for the next day. This is our dayly routine.

“I’m too old for this stuff”, I think while I throw water on my face to wake up. The mirror is no liar. Just like the Sun, dark spots are appearing below my eyes and they are getting bigger everyday. I sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it here but these are no holidays, as some people could think. This work rhythm is quite demanding.

“Jorge, hurry up, we are going to arrive late to the school”, someone yells on the other side of the door. I summon strength from somewhere inside me and get ready for a new adventure.

It’s showtime, folks!

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