Cosmic Music in Porvenir

by Philippe Kobel

Our arrival at the school of Serafín (Porvenir) was accompanied by the sound of panflutes (zampoñas) here and there, played by various students during their morning break.

Of course I could not hold my quena in my backpack and started to play with them.

Just as Science is universal because the laws of the Universe are Universal, art and music are universal as well because we all share this will of expressing ourselves in front of the Universe!

What a beautiful way of starting astronomy activities and preparing the mind…

The star party at night was one of the fullest we had. I just cannot remember how many faces and children came to see the Moon, Saturn and mars through our telescopes:

– Can you see the grey part of the Moon? I asked one little girl.

– Yes!

– Why do you think it is not dark?

– Mmm, gets some light…

– From where? The Sun? No, look, the Sun is shining to the bright part. This part is only grey … So it must be another object than the Sun, one very near the Moon.

– The Earth?

– Yes! It is! If you could stand there on the moon in this grey part, you would see the Earth shining in the sky of a blue color, just as we see the Moon from here…

At that time, with her eyes wide opened, I did not know if she thought I was totally insane or if the craziness of that thought seemed suddenly more real to her…


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