El Sur

After more than a week suffering extreme temperatures and mosquito bites, el Sur (South in Spanish) hit us on Puerto Rico, our last stop during the first week of the BraBo Expedition.

El Sur is how the Pando inhabitants call the cold streams that come from the south of the continent. It usually carries torrential rains and colder temperatures like it did that night. The storm began while we were having dinner. Luckily, we had shelter until the rain stopped. The problem was that there were a couple of small holes in the ceiling. We had to have dinner with our coats on so we didn’t get completely soaked. It was quite funny!

On one hand, we were happy about El Sur since the colder temperatures meant that the hungry mosquitos would hide for a while but, on the other hand, our hotel was not really prepared for such temperatures and the first night we spent there we froze and some of us got sick.

Regarding our activities, we worked with two schools in Puerto Rico: La Salle and Unidad Educativa Puerto Rico. For two days, we kept playing detectives with the children trying to unveil the mysteries of the Universe.

This time, to wrap up our visit to Puerto Rico we gathered all the kids in the playground to perform a final activity with them.  We made a circle and we passed the Earthball around. When one of the children grabbed it they had to share with the rest of us something that they had learnt or felt with our activities. We could hear many different things such as: galaxies, stars, happiness, Saturn, orbit, thank you, elliptical, astronomers, Sun, black hole, smiles, spirals, telescopes, classification,  Mars, planets, Universe, and many many more. At the end, we moved around like the planets orbiting the Sun and, finally, we narrowed down the circle and all become closer under the same sky.

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