By Sandra Benítez Herrera


First day of our journey in the Amazon region. We are traveling from Cobija (capital of the Pando Department, in Bolivia) to the San Lorenzo community, where we will spend a few days carrying out astronomy-related activities and observations, and will donate educational material for the public school.

Smiling and joking around in the car – the movilidad, as Bolivians say- we feel a bit nervous and excited, but mostly happy, very happy to be on the road again!  The landscape is magical and full of life.  The sky shines blue above the tall trees and the sun fills everything with its warm light.

After a few hours, Plácido, our driver, tells us to look outside the window by the road at a little pond covered with vegetation. Upon a closer look though, we realise this is not vegetation at all.  These are hundreds of “borboletas” (butterflies) resting on the water.  Immediately we leave the car and go see them but they get scared and start flying all around us. We cannot believe our eyes!  Hundeds of borboletas, of all colors, green, yellow, white, blue, dancing around us beautifully, playfully. We extend our hands as to catch them but they fly higher, covering the road, the car, the forest and the sky with colours. Like little dreams they fly away and we go back to the car with sparks in our eyes: a sign of good luck for the beginning of our work in this region!

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