GalileoMobile presence on Social Media

Credits: GalileoMobile

Credits: GalileoMobile / Fabio del Sordo

GalileoMobile has a presence across a varied range of social media channels. In the following, we list them so you can’t miss any updates on the project.

  • All the videos from our expeditions can be found on both our Youtube and Vimeo Channels, including the teaser for the upcoming documentary movie GalileoMobile: In the Land of Beauty.
  • The most beautiful pictures taken on our expeditions are located on our Flickr Profile. Take a look!
  • Visit our Issuu Profile for reading the Khagol Rath: GalileoMobile in India photo-book or reports from past GalileoMobile expeditions.
  • Help us translate GalileoMobile videos to as many languages as possible, by visiting our dotSUB Profile.

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