Every Picture Tells a Story: Tactile Moon Model

Tactile Moon. Credits: GalileoMobile / Lina Canas

Tactile Moon Model. Credits: GalileoMobile / Lina Canas

By Lina Canas

One of the many cool activities that can be done with this tactile Moon model is to find the side of the Moon that is always facing the Earth. Here we are presenting the main surface features of the Moon. Highlighted in relief are craters, mare, mountains… We first start exploring by finding a thick line that separates both sides of the Moon: one faced to us and the other side that faces away from us. After that and by feeling the T-shaped structure (at the center of the photo) and following the I line we are able to find the near side of the Moon and explain to blind audiences what are the main tactile features there present.

The 3D model of the tactile Moon was produced by Amelia Ortiz-Gil from Observatorio AstronĂ³mico de Valencia in Spain and it is featured on the A Touch of the Universe kit. This project produced 30 of these kits for developing countries. Two of these kits were attributed to GalileoMobile team so we can help share the wonders of universe with blind children in our journeys around the world.

(Click here to learn more about GalileoMobile efforts to bring the universe to visually impaired children around the world!)

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