Every Picture Tells a Story: The Star-Shuttle

The Shuttle. Credits: GalileoMobile / Fabio del Sordo

The Star-Shuttle. Credits: GalileoMobile / Patricia Figueiró Spinelli

By Fabio del Sordo

Each van in which GalileoMobile have traveled is someway special. So I guess it is good to introduce all of them to the readers of our blog!

Let’s start with one of the last on which we have traveled.

I was confused when I saw the shuttle for the first time. The first morning, just in front of our guesthouse in Mbale I saw this blue “Triumph beyond the stars”-van. Was it a coincidence?

Our local Ugandan contact Betty explained that she someway managed to provide us  a Star-van for our everyday-route to the schools in In Mbale. The Space … ehm, staff Shuttle. Quite appropriate, isn’t it?

Each of the five mornings spent in Mbale the shuttle arrived at our guesthouse, we packed our material in the truck and then: Boarding, please! To go across the interstellar space … ehm, across the streets of Mbale!

The route to the schools was short, but there was always time for Betty to sing “Well done, well done, my GalileoTeam!”, the leitmotiv that accompanied us for the whole expedition: it gave us a lot of energy to be in an enthusiastic mood for the whole day. Yes, still now, to me the soundtrack of any image of the Shuttle is the “Well done”-song, one of the little ingredients to make the journey a fantastic experience.

And as every morning the car was filled with expectations and curiosity, every afternoon, after a day of activities, it was filled with enthusiasm, happiness and some tiredness too.

Well done, Star-Shuttle, it was great to travel with you!

(You will see the Star-Shuttle and much more interesting things about GalileoMobile’s expedition to Uganda in the upcoming documentary “In the Land of Beauty”. Take a look at the teaser.)

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