Khagol Rath in a book

By David Bühler

Hello there! Do you remember July 2012? GalileoMobile remembers it as the month of Khagol Rath. A month in which we were all mesmerised by vibrant colours, tastes and smells, overwhelmed by the lavish welcoming ceremonies that awaited us every day and captivated by the multitude of exuberant children and their teachers we met! I am speaking, of course, about our Khagol Rath expedition, which took us to rural schools in the heart of India around the cities of Bangalore and Mysore. Over two weeks we held teacher workshops, performed activities with children and donated lots of material to each school.

And for what you may ask? It was all in the hope of bringing the wonders of astronomy and the cosmos into the classroom. For some children it was their first time looking through a telescope or imagining what it would be like to walk on Venus or Mars and realising just how vast the cosmos is. Others were full of questions about what it is like to be a professional astronomer or what do I have to do to become one. Every day was filled with so many questions, comments and activities that we could never have done it all by ourselves were it not for the numerous local amateur and professional astronomers, who collaborated with us. They turned out to be as passionate about astronomy outreach as we are! So, no matter whether you are here to take a walk down memory lane or just passing by, have a look at our photo-book, by clicking on the image below, to get a glimpse of Khagol Rath.

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