Hi everyone! I am Milagros, or as commonly everyone calls me, Mili, another member of the great Galileo Mobile team. I was born in a beautiful city called Cancun, located in the southeast of Mexico, with beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise sea.

My passion for science began when I was a child. You know, I loved going to the beach at night with my family to see the sky adorned with stars, some of them big, some small, some very bright, others pale, but all of them doing company to the awesome moon. I remember spending hours and hours counting the stars, but always ended up losing count of them. But not only observing the sky was one of my greatest passions as a kid, I also enjoyed reading. My favorite genre: science fiction. The taste for it started the day I followed my mother to the supermarket and while she was shopping, she left me in the area of ​books and magazines. I scanned the area quickly until a book stole my attention, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” said on the cover. I took it and started reading and imagining the bottom of the sea drawn by Jules Verne.

At school, Mathematics and Physics were my favorite subjects and I would always take part in science fairs with my colleagues with some experiment. Although the experiments were always when we had fun the most, I used to like reading about concepts and trying to understand how various phenomena happen. Although I loved Mathematics and Physics, another discipline began to get my attention: Communication. For me, it was very interesting to see how we communicate with each other and how important it is for our life in society and our progress as a civilization. At the end of my career, I started hearing about scientific outreach, and though the term was a little strange for me, no doubt I had seen scientific outreach in TV programs of Carl Sagan that my brothers and I used to watch when we were kids or those science magazines that my father occasionally brought home. Then I started to be interested in communication of science, because I saw in it a great opportunity to bring science closer to the part of society which is not familiar with science topics. So, then, I can combine my studies in communication and my passion for science.

This year, 2012, I started a research residence in Brazil, where I came to learn from the experiences Brazilians have had with the popularization of science. Here I met Meghie, another member of GalileoMobile, who told me and introduced to the project. The idea of ​being part of the team and “bring the moon and stars” to the young people seemed like a great opportunity to contribute to this great work.

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