Let me tell you about a year with two spring seasons, the year I joined Galileomobile.

The first time I heard about GalileoMobile was in late 2008. I just moved to Munich. During a Christmas party, two friends – Patricia Spinelli and Eva Ntormousi – were telling me about this project they were involved. They were planning to travel around South America, teaching astronomy to children in small villages. Such a crazy and beautiful idea! I was very attracted to be part of it. However, at that time, my major concern was trying to get used to my new life in Munich and especially how to survive to the upcoming winter. Believe me, that is a major concern for someone coming from the Canary Islands!

Spring came and during May 2009, Silvia Bonoli convinced me to attend to a GalileoMobile meeting. “We need people that speak Spanish” – she said over and over again. Italians can be persuasive, at least she is.

At that moment, the project was more than a beautiful idea and I could not wait any longer for joining the project. I also was very attracted about the idea of documenting the trip with a movie, so I joined the newly formed team to produce a documentary about the project. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to make movies. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone because I had the chance to combine the two things I like the most.

Summer went over so fast, millions of things to take care of before the trip. So many days working along Miriam Campos and Eva Ntormousi on the documentary to get everything ready. My memories about that summer are pretty blurry but I am quite sure the soundtrack was from The Beatles. I was quite obsessed about them back then.

The official project kickoff finally arrived in early October and for two weeks I changed a snowy european autumn for a warmer spring. I visited schools in Bolivia and Peru around the Titicaca lake area. Many good memories are still imprinted in my mind, one from each of the children we met during the trip.

I guess that the only thing you should know about me is that being part of GalileoMobile changed me! Such a cliché you would say but that doesn’t make it any less true! It also made me realize the importance of properly communicating science in order to bridge the gap between scientific research and the general public.

Three years have passed since then and GalileoMobile is still alive. Two more expeditions have been made to India and Bolivia during 2012. I am still glad of being part of it and I can’t help smiling every time I remember about that year with two spring seasons.

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