“Hey man, take a look, I bet this is of some interest for you!”

A friend of mine had just forwarded me an email. The email. A guy named Phil had in mind a crazily cool project: going around South America speaking about astronomy with children in small villages.

“WOW, this is exactly what I want to do at some point in my life!” I should have thought something similar while reading about this project. At that time I was about to start my PhD in astrophysics in Stockholm, that I have completed a few weeks ago.

I am italian, from a little town called Campobasso, and by that time I had never crossed any ocean in my life. Although I had spent my first 30 years in Europe, my dreams couldn’t avoid to go far away from there. Reading Neruda, Sepulveda, Borges, Bonatti, seeing images of the Andes and of the big astronomical observatories located in the Atacama Desert, studying what happens in the sky, far away in space and time, were the best food for my mind and the best fuel for let my imagination traveling.

So, the love for the south American continent, on one side, and for the multitude of objects that populate our universe, on the other, were growing and growing. It took no more than a moment for me, to decide to join this project called GalileoMobile.

Now that I’m writing these lines I am in Sicily, another land that I cannot do anything else but love, another land that has been, throughout the history, the meeting point of different cultures, and still keeps this characterization. Meanwhile I keep running after my imagination that is still faster than me. Hopefully one day I’ll overtake it!

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