Since tender age I wanted to know more about the Universe, I remember spending my vacations in the deep countryside of Portugal spending the nights watching the sky from a place where was no street lights, a complete dark valley. Since then I questioned about the stars and the place we occupy in the Universe.

The urge to get this questions answered led me to pursue a degree in physics and applied maths, the degree of Astronomy in Portugal. This desire to learn how our Universe worked led me to a career related with public outreach. I worked in a planetarium/ public observatory for the past 10 years developing activities for kids and grown ups, showing the sky to everyone that like me, have a particularly interest in understanding where we stand amongst the stars.
Today, besides the Astronomy outreach work, I teach Physics and Maths in a Tutoring Center always inputting kids the thirst for knowledge and understanding of how our Universe really works.
My outreach work gave me a lot of expertise outside the science context, I learn and gained interest for design, photography, video, image and sound production. Galileo Mobile it’s an amazing project and I am honored to be able to contribute with all my expertise to it’s development.

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