Excited about the world around me I was always curious about how everything works and is held together. Starting from discovering if the neighboring street looks like our own, I went on discovering the aspect of other cities. Then I asked about the neighboring countries, and finally about the appearance of the whole Universe. Since I have always had questions beyond my knowledge I finally ended up being an astrophysicist, still exploring how things look like out there and why they are the way they are. In astrophysics you don’t run out of questions so soon.

Out of that interest I studied physics at the University of Stuttgart. Since astronomy is not a major research subject there I seized the opportunity to change place and arrived in Stockholm, where I’m working as a PhD student at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (Nordita).

Being constantly surrounded by fellow scientists limits me to believing that other people perceive the world the same way as I do. By talking to people of all ages and different ways of life I often get impressed how different the perception of our world and Universe is. That is why I got interested in exchanging ideas about our Universe, as it is done in so many public outreach projects all over the world. That allows me to find connections to different people in one of the oldest sciences, which has amazed so many generations before us and in so various cultures who see its beauty in different ways.

By joining GalileoMobile I see the opportunity to participate in an outreach project and join in exchanging ideas, which can be so beautifully diverse.

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