Within our blue planet, I come from a tiny land called Switzerland (peaceful and cheesy), from a Swiss father and a Bolivian mother. Since my childhood I look up at the stars and love to talk about physics and astronomy…

It was during my first trip to Bolivia – in which I accidentally found myself in a tiny village somewhere between La Paz and Coroico drawing atoms to a young girl – that I sensed the will of doing an itinerant outreach project. To share and give something perhaps immaterial, but that can develop and grow.

GalileoMobile was born three years later as I was a PhD student in (solar) astrophysics in Germany, from the cosmic conjuncture of the coming International Year of Astronomy 2009 and inspiring encounters (Pedro Russo, Rosa Doran, Carolina Ödman, Kevin Govender, Lars Christensen…). The idea of this project also made me meet an amazing team of enthusiastic astronomers and educators sharing the same dream, whom you’ll meet in coming posts (keep reading!)

I am now back in Switzerland, where I am carrying out research about fluids in zero gravity (lots of fun!) while preparing for another goal: becoming a physics teacher and inspire young generations with the beauty of basic science.

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