I am Eduardo, born in 1982 in a small city located 200 km to the north of São Paulo, Brazil. Pinhal, as we use to say, is surrounded by some hills, plantations of coffee and close to the Serra do Mar, a beautiful chain of mountains, with a pleased climate and beautiful landscapes.

My interest in science appeared about twenty years ago, when I used to collect beautiful astronomical pictures printed in magazines. Later on, I discovered some nice books written by Carl Sagan, who became my main reference as a scientist. After secondary school, I decided to focuses my studies in the field of astronomy. Thereby, during college and afterwards, I was already involved in research. Nowadays, I am a PhD student in Holland, working with astrochemistry, the study of the chemistry of stars.

The possibility to teach astronomy and work with science popularization is something I really enjoy and I think everybody should have the opportunity to learn a bit more about the Universe we live. In this sense, GalileoMobile is just what I was looking for as a project where we can spread worldwide the wonders of astronomy. I have just became a member and my role now is to work with public outreach. It is really exciting to be part of this amazing team, which is composed by people who share similar dreams.

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