Dhanyavada! (Thank you!)


The Khagol Rath expedition counted with something the GalileoMobile team didn’t have before: the large number of local contacts/collaborators travelling with us. This trip would have been completely different without their aid, and we owe them the success of the Khagol Rath. They are mainly professional astronomers working in the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) and amateur astronomers and students who’s contacts we obtained throught the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore.

Kannada is the main language in the state of Karnataka, India. In primary schools most of the children still do not speak English and therefore we relied on our local collaborators to help us in every and each activity for translation. This cooperation has worked beyond expectations: the children were as excited as if we were speaking to them directly, and the enthusiastic speeches of our local contacts added spice and animation. They also took active part in our activities, and always helped us in every aspect. They are equal parts of our team! They also provided fun, stories of the local customs and traditions in the schools and the daily life of the children. From some of them we also learned that behind their stars they have amazing myths that are only transmitted orally from one generation to the next, but this have to be told in the right moment and by the right person…

Most of them are already willing to pursue similar activities and school visits, keeping the Khagol Rath spirit alive here and doing follow-up activities.

We thankfully aknowledge all our local contacts of the Kagol Rath expedition:

  • Akshay Kumar

  • Anusha Seetharam

  • Arun Bharadwaj

  • Chandrasekhar G.

  • Dilip Kumar

  • Prof. Dipankar Banerjee

  • Hari Gaurav

  • Hema Bharadwaj

  • K. Chandrasekhar Reddy

  • Mohan BS

  • P R Vishwanath

  • Rajeeva Gowda

  • Dr. Ravindra B.

  • Siva Shankara Sastry

  • Smitha Rao

A song to remember all of you, the Sun in three different languages: Kannada, English, and Spanish. Surya, Surya, Surya, Sun, Sun, Sun, Sol, Sol, Sol, Sol, Sol.

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